Achieving Holistic Wellness

At Matters Of My Mind our goal is to provide whatever you need to achieve holistic wellness. Whether it’s beautifully scented candles to enhance your peaceful meditation practice, the healing powers of crystals or guidance to overcome a challenge, you’ll enjoy exploring our holistic wellness store to find what you need for your total well-being.

What Is Holistic Wellness?

Holistic wellness is about caring for the whole person, not just in a physical sense.  It's about taking care of the emotional, mental, social, and spiritual element too.  The mind, emotions, and body are all connected.  Your mind responds to how you think, feel, and act. So, what goes on in your mind matters a lot for your total well-being. 

It can be a bit of a balancing act. It’s similar to when we think about having a balanced diet. Our diets may not be perfect, but we aim to eat something from each major food group as often as possible.  

When all of these areas are taken care of, we can be calmer, happier and healthier. Just as we practice exercises for our physical health, we can also have practices for our spiritual, emotional and mental health.

Ladies' Crop Tops

Crop tops have been a popular fashion item for decades.  Over the... 

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What Holistic Wellness Products Do We Provide?

At Matters Of My Mind, you will find products for peaceful moments, meditation, and healing, such as candles, salt lamps, and crystals.  You will find everything you need for physical exercise such as yoga, with yoga mats and accessories, leggings, and t-shirts. 

As mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness are critical areas of total well-being, you will find that many of our products display positive and inspirational messages of hope, faith, joy, love, and kindness. These messages are what many people need today, for their comfort and healing, and make wonderful gifts.  You can find uplifting mantras, encouraging quotes, and positive affirmations on our posters, mugs, t-shirts, crop tops and belt bags.

Information To Help Improve Your Holistic Wellness

You can find a range of information to help you improve your total wellness.  Different natural therapies and practices are explored and discussed in articles, which can be found in the Wellness Articles menu at the top of this page.  Here you can read about some of the common mental and emotional health issues people are struggling with, and find practical guidance and suggestions. 

Under the Wellness Resources menu, you can find ‘how-to’ videos, a hypnosis library, articles, and services to help you overcome your challenges. There may also be Reviews that will weigh up the pros and cons of different wellness solutions that we think are worth considering.  These menus are a work in progress and will be updated at various times, so come back and check for new information.    

Beautiful Crystals And Gemstones

For thousands of years people have been fascinated with crystals and gemstones and this admiration for them continues today.  This beautiful range has something for everyone.  Whether they be for crystal healing, meditation, or for their sheer beauty you will find a crystal for every occasion.  

Spirit Magicka crystals are natural crystals that have been ethically sourced.  Read the reviews from many happy customers. 

Identity And Wellness

Who you are, the way you think about yourself and the world, and your beliefs and values, are all part of your identity. Having a sense of self is important for overall well-being.

Belt Bags With A Twist

Also called Fanny Packs, Bum Bags, and Waist Packs, Belt Bags which were once known as tourist accessories, are back in fashion. And it's no wonder, as they're so convenient and easy to carry. They are still ideal for travelers, but are now used as everyday fashion items that can be worn around the waist or slung across the shoulder. And what a great gift idea! Check out our range which has inspirational quotes, designs from nature, or things we love. What designs would you like to see? Contact us and share your ideas.

Belt Bags

Belt Bags Are Back Also called Fanny Packs, Bum Bags, and Waist... 

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High Waisted Leggings

High Waisted Plus Size Leggings Sizes 2XL to 6XL

Leggings are the best clothing item ever made, and this range is... 

An Attitude Of Gratitude

In the spiritual realm, the principles of the Law of Attraction advocates that we give thanks for everything we have and everything we are receiving. The simple act of saying "thank you" or "I'm grateful", and feeling the gratitude, lifts our vibrations and is a major key to opening the door to manifestation. These gratitude items are a gentle daily reminder to maintain an Attitude Of Gratitude and will make a lovely gift for a friend or loved one who believe in the value of this practice.

We aren’t just passionate about holistic wellness, we’re passionate about sourcing, designing and creating high quality goods, services and information for kindred spirits. 

Positive comments or helpful suggestions, are always welcome.