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Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Review

Is Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis The Real Deal? 

Have you been toying with the idea of trying hypnosis?  You may be asking, "What is hypnosis for?" Maybe you have anxiety, a bad habit you want to stop, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.  Whatever your reason, hypnosis could be just the solution you're looking for. But like any new product or service, it can be difficult to know who to trust.  What is Hypnosis Downloads?  Is it a scam?  Do these people really know what they're talking about? This review will look at Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis and check out their claims about their downloads.  Then you will be able to make an informed decision.
What is hypnosis for?
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Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Downloads

Product Overview

What is Hypnosis Downloads?

Hypnosis Downloads is a website that was set up in 1995 by Uncommon Knowledge.  Uncommon Knowledge is a specialist psychology training company.  Company directors Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott form part of a team of four experienced and practicing hypnotherapists.  Between them, they have developed: 

  • Hypnosis Downloads Audio
  • Hypnosis Downloads Scripts
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Training Courses
  • Growth Zone Membership
The company claims that:
  • They have a proven track record.
  • They have had over 600,000 downloads.
  • Their hypnosis and psychology are in line with the very latest research.
  • Uncommon Knowledge is a leader in the field of hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnosis For?

Downloads Audio 

Firstly, there are over 800 hypnosis downloads which are divided into 44 categories. The extensive range of hypnosis downloads caters to people of all ages.   This means there are downloads for overcoming anxiety, fears, and phobias or enhancing positive skills, abilities, and beliefs.  So the range is mind-boggling and worth spending time just browsing through.   

What is hypnosis for?

Secondly, each category has an information page and a selection of individual or discounted packs to choose from.

When you click on a download, you are taken to another page with further information about that specific audio.

Finally, when you click on the download link, the price is revealed for the individual download.  There are also recommendations for hypnosis download packs. 

Each audio, on average, is around 20 minutes long.  They start with a safety warning, not to use the download while driving or doing any activity that requires concentration. Prior to each hypnosis session, Mark or Roger gives a brief explanation of the topic and explains what you can expect.

Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Downloads Audio Prices

  • 1 Hypnosis Download $14.95
  • 2 Hypnosis Downloads Pack $22.95 saving $6.95
  • 5 Hypnosis Downloads Pack $49.95 saving $24.80
  • 6 Hypnosis Downloads Pack $75.00 saving $29.65
  • 10-Step Courses range from $99 to $147*

*Only a sample of this extensive range have been viewed for this review, therefore prices may vary. 

Hypnosis Downloads Scripts For Professional And Trainee Hypnotherapists

Also included are 1250+ hypnosis scripts for professional and trainee hypnotherapists. On the Hypnosis Scripts page, hypnotherapists can read the information regarding the development of the scripts, what they contain and how they should be used.    

The scripts are also divided into categories.  Each category has an information page and a selection of hypnosis scripts for that category.   Click on a download, and you are taken to another page with further information about that specific hypnosis script. Finally, when you click on the download link the price is revealed for the individual hypnosis script and a script and MP3 audio pack. 

Hypnosis Scripts Prices

  • Hypnosis Script $14.95
  • Hypnosis Script and MP3 Audio $18.95 saving $10.95

Training Courses

Uncommon Knowledge provides a range of online training courses for psychologists, hypnotherapists, counselors, or interested laypersons.  Courses open periodically so email them to find out course costs and information. 

Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Downloads Review

Free Video Course - Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days

There is also a free online hypnosis course.  This is a short course that teaches you the fundamentals of how to do hypnosis quickly.  When you sign up, you will receive 5 videos for 5 days.  Mark Tyrrell explains the course in the video below. 

Growth Zone Membership

The final part of this Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Downloads Overview is the Growth Zone Membership.  Being a member gives you access to exclusive and further discounted downloads, CDs, DVDs and scripts.  The membership subscription is $21.95 per month.

Help And Support

There is a wealth of information on the Uncommon Knowledge website including videos.  If extra help is required there is the Help Center where you can read the Frequently Asked Questions or you can email via Zendesk.  I have made a couple of inquiries by email and received prompt and courteous responses each time.

Supporting Charities

Hypnosis Downloads support World Child Cancer and Children's Hospice Association Scotland each year by donating all sales from cancer sessions.  You can read more about this here.

The Pros And Cons Of Hypnosis Downloads

Hypnosis Downloads

My Personal Opinion Of Hypnosis Downloads

Over an 18-month period, I have purchased 13 individual hypnosis downloads and a 6 Hypnosis Downloads Pack for my personal use.  My reason for purchasing the first couple of hypnosis downloads was to help me overcome some limiting beliefs and bad habits that were holding me back from reaching my goals.  

I had amazing results which prompted me to buy more.  Recently, I signed up for the Growth Zone Membership as I saw downloads I wanted which were only available to members.  Some of the titles I have purchased are: Change Limiting Beliefs, Develop Powerful Intuition, Unconscious Problem-Solving and Generate Laser Focus.   

What I have found is that some hypnosis works immediately, but others can take longer to kick in.  The good thing is that once you've paid for the audio and downloaded it, you can use it as many times as you like.  And the more I use them, the better my results.  

In recent years, I have also completed some Hypnotherapy Training Courses and I highly recommend them.  The training was so thorough and professional.  One of the courses I completed was Uncommon Hypnotherapy.  You can read the many positive testimonials here about this course.

So in conclusion, my personal opinion is that Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis is the real deal.  They are a highly skilled and professional team who produce top quality products and provide efficient and courteous service.  Their downloads have helped me to improve my thinking, motivation, focus, routines, self-belief and to overcome addiction and bad habits.  I have enjoyed their training as well.  It has been very informative and professional. Hypnosis plays a big part in helping me to establish a success mindset and achieve my goals.  Therefore, I highly recommend them.   


But don't just take my word for it.  Check out the numerous testimonials here and read the Money-Back Guarantee below.

What is hypnosis used for?  Hypnosis Downloads Testimonials

Uncommon Knowledge Money-Back Guarantee

Hypnosis Downloads At A Glance

What is hypnosis for?

I hope you found this review helpful.  Please leave a comment below or share your thoughts and experiences with hypnosis.


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