About Us

Do you believe that caring for yourself means caring for the whole person - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? So do we! That is why we have spent countless hours putting together not just a store, with high-quality, holistic wellness items, but also sourcing information about holistic healing therapies, as well as sourcing online counselling services.

Check out our selection - we carry a range of products that are ready to ship to you and helpful blog posts with links to other amazing products and services. 

Matters Of My Mind’s Mission

As passionate believers of holistic well-being and how diverse the issues that come under its umbrella are, we realized that while there are many great stores out there, we struggled to find other stores that sold quality holistic products and addressed the many debilitating emotional and mental health issues that so desperately need our attention. 

That is why we created Matters Of My Mind. We have made it our mission to provide all of our customers with the following: 

  • A range of the highest quality holistic wellness products.
  • Information, educational guides, and physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness recommendations.
  • And of course… great customer service! 

Matters Of My Mind Mission Statement

We aim to:

  • Assist our customers in finding soothing, or empowering products, services, and solutions that will help them to achieve holistic wellness. This may be through designing and creating our products or sourcing existing external products and services through affiliate partnerships., 
  • Provide information that can assist our customers to learn about different modalities, services, and teachings that are designed to heal and promote a healthy balance between their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Lead by example by striving to achieve holistic wellness in our own lives and promoting spiritual awareness with positive messages of love, kindness, peace, faith, empowerment, and joy.

Why Choose Matters Of My Mind? 

You’ll see the Matters Of My Mind difference when you shop with us. We are focused on finding, designing, and creating unique products and services that promote total well-being.  Take a look at the messages on our mugs, posters, and t-shirts and notice the positive affirmations and messages of love and support for those who may need it.   

We also provide information about a range of holistic healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping as well as sourcing expert therapists and counselors.

We are a business that is constantly evolving to cater to the growing support that is needed in our world today.  If you have any questions, please just contact us today and one of our team members will reply to you ASAP.

Buy from us today, and experience the Matters Of My Mind difference!